Our works portfolio

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Reflex: e-Commerce suite

Complete e-Commerce suite, with multiple Broadleaf Commerce-based front-ends and single back-office system with B2B wholesaler integration, order management, online payment methods, Web services-based accounting system integration, Return Merchandise Administration and our favorite business intellingence with visual analytics tools.

SmartHome Gateway: data management solution for utility retailers

Software solution provides smart meter readings to utility companies and thorough reports to consumers. Access data from both thin and rich meters. Integrates information and allow easy access across the enterprise via standard web services. Provides customer-centric self-service portal for consumers. Includes consumption analytics tools, such as theft indicators, leakage alarms, meter tamper reports.

Movingworld: Sports tracking application with 3D terrain visualization.

Maps3D brought the realization of our 3D data visualization potential to the Android market. Use OpenStreet maps or other map sources combined with Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) and see what lies ahead in 3D on your smartphone or tablet. Plan workouts, save and share routes, connect Bluetooth SMART sensors and remotes.

Trubiquity: eMMA Web Reporter based on Monarch Charts.

The system provides managed access to geometries, measurement plans, measurements, and analysis on an enterprise level. It enables users to monitor efficiently the company-wide manufacturing process. With interfaces to all peripheral systems across the enterprise and a portal enhancement to enable trouble-free supplier integration, reporter covers the complete process of dimensional measurement technologies.

Equicon: VisuLog process control reporter based on MonarchCharts.

Software for controlling electron beam exposure systems. Equicon has licensed MonarchCharts and implemented various extensions specifically for semiconductor manufacturing industry. This project involved customer consulting and no development services from Singleton Labs. We see this project as an example where we act as consultants. The customer only had to purchase the MonarchCharts software license.

Northstar Inc.: Client reporting solution based on MonarchCharts.

This company provides software for financial data analysis and reporting. We provided a custom implementation of reporting engine, which required both web presentation-quality and hi-resolution print-quality charts. Project was implemented as MonarchCharts product extension. It took us two two-week version releases to complete the project.

During phase two, we have implemented similar number of additional charts and it took just one week to implement them. This tremendous efficiency was possible due to our knowledge of the customer business area and clear requirements and acceptance terms specification.

Nastel Technologies: Web client for AutoPilot software.

Built completely as a Web application which connects to existing rich client application data structure and uses MQSeries Event notification mechanism to indicate changes in resource parameters. Project implementation took two years with first release delivered in one month. Frequent releases allowed our customer to deploy tested version across a number of client accounts.

Automatic Intelectual Parking System is a software for administration and monitoring of parking spaces, also suitable for open parking lots. The system does flow management and direction functions, statistical analysis and ensures an optimized use of parking resources. All parking lots have limited parking spaces and AIPAS helps to reach the most effective usage of them.