MonarchCharts for Java

MonarchCharts is a visual analytics component suite.

Combination charts

You can have several graphs inside a single chart - just add new series to existing chart. Combine line, scatter, bars, stock symbols together.

Practical visuals

Correct charts always emphasize certain aspects - whether it's a sales difference from previous year, multiple particle positions in a 3D chart or a measurement deviation range on axis. Use different rendering styles to show the important details and grey out the unnecessary parts.

Interactive and user-friendly

Great-looking charts invite your user to interact with them. Use zoom and scroll features, add scrollbars and scroll markers to axis, use zoom rectangle, rotate and scroll through 3D charts. Use series, points and Legend based selection, hook your own drill-down actions on chart elements.

Technical notes

  • MonarchCharts requires Sun JDK 1.6 or later.