Custom software in a cost-efficient way

Been there, Done that

Singleton Labs is your outsourcing partner with six years of experience in developing custom software. We can afford being extremely efficient because we follow few simple rules:
  • We only offer software development services for industries we have experience with.
  • We only work with technologies that we have experience with.
  • We only develop software, which involves data analysis and presentation.

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Easy Start - just three simple steps

Contact us via email or phone. Our representative will reply you immediately and arrange a phone call to give you answers about our development services and evaluate your needs. Together you will also define the model of relationship. Next we will offer you to sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and Service level agreement (SLA) so that both sides know what to expect from each other. Third, we specify the project kick-off meeting date.

How we work

Whenever possible, we use agile methods for development of applications and management of our projects. Of course, a traditional waterfall may be required in certain cases. But whenever you want fast results, our team is ready to deliver tested and working code every two weeks. This is what iterative development is all about - you can modify the requirements and evolve project naturally.

Why two weeks?

Two weeks are enough for a skilled development team to implement an agreed set of functions, test and deploy it for Your review. In case the requirements were defined wrong, you can always alter them and have only two week slack instead of the whole project gone wrong. When you have working software it's much easier to check that you have got what you have asked for.

Look, Participate, Control

Watch the project progress in real time, request changes, adjust priorities, test your software, ask questions - influence us, be a part of our team. At the end of each day, you'll see the work-log reports about how much work we have put into hours. We have nothing to hide - all our works are visible and accountable. You know what you pay for.

Best tools in industry

We use proven commercial solutions for real time issue tracking and team collaboration: JIRA and Confluence suites from Atlassian. This entire project control infrastructure is already set up and hosted for You. No investment necessary.

Secure relationship

You own all the development results. Completely. Because software life-cycle is more than just software development. If you decide to part with us after the project - you get the all the information we have gathered, all the documents and other formalities needed to sustain your software. You get the latest source code, build scripts, discussion logs - in other words you get all we created together, so that any other team can easily take over. Say good-bye to costly IT-Services provider switching.

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