Support Options

Support on the Web

Use the Singleton Labs Support Center to find the information you are looking for quickly and easily, and to communicate with us your questions, comments, and requests. You may Request Technical Support online and receive an answer via e-mail.

Developer Support

Our Support Group (SG) is a team of highly skilled programmers who specialize in solving your development issues concerning our software. The group provides technical support and consulting services oriented specifically toward software developers using our component libraries. Support is provided via fax and e-mail.

Technical assistance for the normal installation and usage of your software is covered by your license or annual maintenance fees and available for no additional charge. However, if you are a software developer, internet developer, or software integrator who needs advanced support suitable for these specific needs, then technical assistance from the Support Group may be the most productive and efficient way for us to help you.

What we can do for you

With experience and thorough knowledge of our software, the SG can improve your development productivity. SG members work closely with our software development team and your developers to answer questions, suggest work-arounds, provide coding examples, and offer instruction when you need it most. Solutions are offered as our existing product updates or customized to your specific needs.

How Support works

When you e-mail, fax, or use our web form to submit your request for support, your incident is placed into the support queue. The incident is then assessed and you are then contacted by a SG analyst who is familiar with your core software and development environment.

Annual Priority Support

Our customers subscribing to Priority level support from the SG will receive the following benefits:

We designate a specific person in our SG who becomes your primary contact. This allows you to build a relationship with the SG analysts as well as gain knowledge through that relationship. It also allows members of SG to become familiar with your business and applications. Developers will receive professional assistance from our developer staff who are experienced in the issues you work with daily such as software development (design, coding, testing) and Web application development. Priority Support is offered annually and purchased on a per-product basis. For example, if your organization is developing applications using MonarchCharts and also developing other applications using MonarchGraph, and you would like developer support for both, we ask that you purchase two Priority Support plans. The number of support requests you can submit through the year is not limited.

Site licenses of all our products include priority support for one year.

On-Demand Support

The On-Demand Support (ODS) services are designed for, but not limited to, our customers with highly specialized needs. For example if you need to implement a custom functionality into our software or would like to integrate our software into your product, but do not want to dedicate your developer time, the On-Demand Support is for you.