Version 2.8.0. More coloring features for MonarchCharts

29 June 2010

MonarchCharts 2.8.0 updates

  • Smooth shading for 3D Surface chart - now 3D Surface can be colored in smooth shading style(continues, gradient coloring).
    Smooth shading for 3D Surface chart
    Smooth shading for 3D Surface chart.

  • Automated chart coloring by selecting main color (themes) -  you can select a chart color theme on toolbar control and coloring schema will be applied automatically. Immediate preview is available while  navigating the color theme list.
    Chart coloring theme list
    Selecting the charts coloring theme

  • Chart colors can be defined using CMYK values. There is possible to define color by CMYK values on toolbar control or define CMYK color space on code.
    Custom Color selection
    Custom color selection

  • New plug-in to save charts as TIFF format images.

  • Texts can be defined using html tags (size, color).

  • The option to highlight the middle tick on a math axis.

  • Feedback posting from the demo application  - now you can  send messages with attached screen shots to  Singleton Labs developer support team directly from demo application.

Version 2.7.0. I'm happy to announce new exciting features - RangeGaps in axis, Axis label grouping and more...

28 May 2010

Version 2.7.0 updates

New Features

  • Range breaks - use RangeBreak in axis when you want to show values that differ in orders of magnitude like units and thousands - RangeBreak will detect and skip the Y axis portion where no data values are present so that your unit values are still readable.
Axis Range break
Axis range break.
  • Axis labels can be grouped - useful when adding categories to your data values.

Axis Range break
Axis label groups

  • Rotated pie labels. When outside labels for pie are not possible, even though I recommend them as they are the most informative, you can use inside labels option. Rotated labels provide the best fit inside pie segments. Use pie charts with caution - they are not the best way to visualize more than 10 values. 
Axis Range break
Rotated Pie labels
  • SPC line plot chart. This is a Statistical Process Control specific chart, which is a part of our MonarchCharts SPC extension for manufacturing quality control.
Axis Range break
SPC Line Plot

As usual - samples and documentation were updated to reflect recent changes.

Take a look at Zoom/Scroll bar control and other cool features in the latest 2.6.0 version

3 April 2010

Version 2.6.0 updates

  • Zoom/Scroll bar control - now you can use MonarchCharts scroll bar for zooming in and out.
Zoom/Scroll bar control for 2D charts
Scroll/Zoom control for 2D charts.
  • Anti-aliased 3D charts - anti-aliasing produces great results when used with small charts.
Anti-aliased 3D chartsAnti-aliased 3D charts
Anti-aliasing on and off.
  • Mixed 2D and 3D charts in the same ViewGrid - now making impressive charts is easier then ever!
Zoom/Scroll bar control for 2D charts
2D and 3D chart combinations.
  • New samples with full source code in ChartsDemo, illustrating the features above.