MonarchCharts.NET version 2.6.0 update

26 April 2011

  • ASP.NET support. Chart can now be used directly in ASP.NET projects for Web.

  • Better design-time support. Create and configure every detail of chart and inner objects in design time without writing code.

  • Smaller footprint. Removed license manager and licensing components. no need to fiddle with license files, just download and add dll files to your projects.

Minor MCharts release 2.9.1. Includes visual updates and more...

26 November 2010

  • Update.Fix for spline series: spline chart can have more than 1 key with a same value and different value.

  • Update.Fix for Invalid z ordering for transparent 3d charts.

Sales dashboard sample

Version 2.9.0. Monitor your data in a dashboard

7 November 2010

The released MonarchCharts 2.9.0 version contains: The new dashboards functionality, that allows conveniently monitoring your data from a single place. The included sample application presents a dashboard sample and integration with back-end database systems.