Inverted axis sample

Version 2.11.1 improved inverted axis support

28 September 2011

The monarch charts library size is reduced now. It now packs the same functionality in a smaller size. The inverted axis now allows specifying the correct axis range, when the starting value is larger then the ending value.

MonarchCharts Java version 2.11 released.

1 August 2011

  • API for Chart toolbar control
  • Migration guide from 1.x to 2.x
  • Charts localization guide
  • Markers style can now be set through a chart metadata
  • Additional background coloring options for 3D charts - image, colored, gradient fill
  • 2D charts anti-aliased rendering fix
  • 3D charts faces ordering fix
  • 3D charts rendering speed improvement

MonarchCharts Java version 2.10 released.

27 April 2011

  • New. Dashboards framework extension.

  • New.Touch-interactive charts.

  • Fix.Markers redraw issue.

  • Fix.Style loader issue.

  • Fix.Selection on a toolbar issue.