MonarchCharts version 2.5.2 released

9 March 2010

New Features for 3D PIE series

  • Auto labels layouter.The labels will be positioned automatic:
Outside: if labels text too large for slice
Inside:   if labels text fit to slice.

  • Alternative color for labels font.
Added additional style tag for label font (ALTERNATIVE_COLOR). The initial color will be used then pie labels are inside, alternative color then outside.

3D Pie fetures
Auto positioned labels and alternative color for Pie 3D labels.
  • Fixed DataModel range.

MonarchCharts version 1.8.2 Update released

4 March 2010

Support request initiated release

Label layouter fix
Problem was : The
Labels connection lines were rendered incorrectly: the line ended at the top of label rectangle. It  was a problem, when label rectangle was not rendered.
After solving problem: The labels connection lines are drawn at the bottom of label rectangle.

MonarchCharts version 1.8.0 Update released

21 January 2010

Labels position settings  fix for 2D BarSeries.

The labels can be positioned :

  •   inside the bar;
  •  outside the bar;

Label position on Barseries Label position on BarSeries
                   Label position on BarSeries                                                  Label position outside BarSeries